“Check out the sales page of our recently funded startup (designed by the awesome Andrej Hribernik) – And then this one I think one of the major reasons AskTina has received funding AND growth (with no marketing), is the simplicity and grace of this sales page.”

Tom Hunt, CoFounder of AskTina


Tom from requested my services to create their branding – logo & landing page. They started out as an app for Slack and helped young entrepreneurs to develop a new brands with useful marketing advice.


Designing the logo – I created a couple of designs and played around with it. We chose a colour palette based on the emotions they wanted to convey and decided to go with a violet palette that represents  creativity and imagination.

Designing the landing page – To create the wire-frame we used the best performing landing page from slack and incorporated the new AskTina branding design.


The team from has got funded in a couple of weeks with almost no marketing.

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